Interior Design Artistry – 10th December 2019

Mark Alexander Design delivers deeply personal and luxurious interior design schemes for every client. With over 30 years of experience, Mark works alongside client’s to find the best solution and deliver exceptional products and interiors every time. Every project is deliberately and meticulously imagined, sketched, designed and crafted using Mark’s unparalleled sense of style and extensive background in luxury furniture manufacturing.

Victorian Grandeur – 3rd December 2019

Imagine luxurious hand-pressed velvet from France, feature furniture and decor pieces finished in gold gild. All combined with contemporary elements to create an opulent and warm interior. That is what Mark Alexander brought to life in this home, inspired by the regal and ornate European mansions of the Victorian era.

Tranquil Contemporary – November 26th 2019

Tranquil Contemporary Living. Escape the fast-paced city life, with resort-style living and a relaxed contemporary interior that is influenced by nature and Zen philosophy, while embracing luxurious and contemporary elements in natural fibers and soft tones to instantly set your body, mind and spirit at ease. For over 30 years Mark Alexander has been working personally alongside his clients, delivering their dream homes with handcrafted furniture. These homeowners wanted a free and relaxed resort-style space, and that is what has been achieved.

Discover Mark Alexander’s Furniture Artistry – November 19th 2019

Furniture Art. This month we are celebrating the release of our new Contemporary furniture collection. Designed personally by Mark Alexander from sketch through to completion. Discover our latest designs and see the process and refinement of these products in a factory setting through our exclusive videos.

Timeless French Elegance – 12th November 2019

Historic French Italianate. Add an elegant touch of French European luxury to your home, with the ambience and grandeur of the Palace of Versailles in mind. The grand yet calming ambience is perfect for entertaining and showcases a high appreciation for the old and new French styles.

MA Private Residence. Mark Alexander has personally designed and built this gorgeous room within a stunning heritage building that he calls home. His private residence pays homage to the amazing 1854 architectural features with inspiration from classic European design highlighted through-out. This gorgeous French Italianate design focuses on the fine details of the established building while creating a grand sense of space and sophistication.

Cosmopolitan Contemporary – 7th November 2019

Cosmopolitan Classic Contemporary. Subtle in its sophistication, a contemporary interior offers uncluttered simplicity, featuring clean lines and block colours in black, white and neutrals that are offset by bold, oversized statement pieces and artworks to create a truly chic and comfortable living space.

Contemporary Design – 30th October 2019

Mark Alexander Design produces beautiful, custom made luxury furniture pieces and sublime soft furnishings that are not only functional and durable, but timeless in their design. Creating spaces and homes that exude effortless sophistication with striking wallpapers, rugs and designer fabrics, along with key signature furniture pieces.

Bespoke Contemporary Design – 30th October 2019

New Contemporary. Mark Alexander Design Artistry is continually designing new and original pieces of work that are directly from the mind of the extraordinary Mark Alexander. This range features beautiful angles and lines, creating a sublime depth of character and interest. All fully custom-made to the highest quality in a gorgeous Modern Contemporary style.

Expertly Crafted. All the pieces at Mark Alexander Design are meticulously planned, designed and crafted to perfection. Creating the most luxurious and finely detailed pieces from the most skilled craftsman and artisans.

Design Artistry – 8th October 2019

Interior Design With Artistry. Mark Alexander is one of Australia’s most established interior designers, delivering high- end design services nationwide and internationally. Producing highly personalised, well-considered and luxurious interiors, Mark Alexander puts the need of his clients first and never compromises on workmanship or materials.

Superb Style. Here at Mark Alexander Design Artistry, we create the most sophisticated and memorable interiors that express and enhance each individual’s unique personality and style, while complimenting their lifestyle and home architecture.

Uniquely Designed For You. Every element is exclusively designed to meet the client’s individual needs and expectations. We pay close attention to every intricate detail.

Full Interior Design Service. Mark Alexander Design Artistry offers a complete range of professional interior design services for prestigious homes, apartments, offices, and buildings around the world.

French Parquetry – 1st October 2019

Custom Designed Parquetry Tables. Mark Alexander Design Artistry has a dedicated French Tables site which specialises in custom designed and made French Parquetry Tables. Every piece of French Tables furniture is a completely original grand work of art, combining superior workmanship and exquisite finishes with durability, to produce beautiful and functional pieces that will be enjoyed and appreciated for generations to come.

Solid Oak. Each table is made from the finest quality European and American Oak, often with Walnut inlays. Many other timbers including Australian native timbers are also available.

Entirely Australian Made. Individually designed and handcrafted French style parquetry tables that are manufactured in Australia to the highest quality and attention to detail.

Bookcases & Libraries – 24th September 2019

Custom Designed, Individually Made, Expertly Crafted. Bookcases & Libraries. Any Style, Design and Colour Available. Mark Alexander Design Artistry has a dedicated French Tables site which specialises in custom designed and made French Parquetry Tables. Every piece of French Tables furniture is a completely original grand work of art, combining superior workmanship and exquisite finishes with durability, to produce beautiful and functional pieces that will be enjoyed and appreciated for generations to come.

Ultimate Storage with Timeless Elegance. Mark Alexander is proud of creating gorgeous statement bookcases in a range of custom dimensions, finishes and colours, that are not only beautiful but superbly practical. Individually planned and manufactured to suit your room and made to the highest quality for an uncompromising, superior result.

Mark is passionate when producing and designing bookcases that look like they belong within your room as if they have been there for many years…

Bespoke Interior Creations – 25th June 2019

Mark Alexander Design Artistry. Presenting bespoke interior creations. Transforming houses into homes. An exquisite, contemporary full interior by Mark Alexander Design. Taking inspiration from Art Deco influence, combining modern simplicity and functionality. Join us on a detailed journey from hand drawn sketches, imaginings and concepts through to an uncompromising finish, resulting in a stunning family home, exuding unique style, luxury and sophistication. Each element of design through to manufacture is carefully considered, ensuring a flawless, bespoke transformation from imagination to reality.

Modern Contemporary influence meets Art Deco elegance. Transforming this house into a magnificent home was a collaborative process Mark Alexander worked closely with our clients, craftsmen and artisans to achieve perfection and exceed expectation. Modern, monochromatic sophistication is complemented by dazzling jewel tones, colourful patterns and luscious textures, recognising and enhancing the ingenuity of Art Deco influence throughout.

Sumptuous Decadence – 4th June 2019

Mark Alexander Design Artistry. Introducing our latest creation. Sumptuous decadence for the wine connoisseur. An artful design by Mark Alexander combining our client’s appreciation of fine wines, sound and entertainment in a breathtaking room. This retreat was designed as the ultimate escape to luxury, decadence and comfort. Complete with shelving in solid Oak, Italian leather accents, feature lighting and majestic handcut parquetry, this room exudes stunning ambience from floor to ceiling. Created by Mark Alexander’s artisan craftsmen, combining premium materials with enduring style. Mark has provided dedication to every detail and taken this space from dream to reality. “The building could fall down, I wouldn’t know and it doesn’t matter” – Our client immersed in the lavish surroundings of his new room.

Custom made. Curated to perfection. This room was composed by Mark Alexander in collaboration with our clients, bringing to life their unique style and personality. With importance on maximizing comfort, luxury and longevity. Without limitation, Mark Alexander is able to produce interiors such as this room…