Custom Designer Bookshelves and Library Shelving

From stunning statement bookcases to encapsulating wall units, libraries and bespoke wine cellar displays, Mark Alexander can do it all. Fully custom designed and made, specifically tailored to you in terms of dimensions, colour and finishes. Made to the highest quality using premium materials and finishes for a superbly luxurious and superior result. Discuss your personal requirements with us and we can plan and develop a custom made bookcase with timeless elegance.

Custom Made Solid Timber Library Bookcases

All Bookcases are custom designed and made from premium quality materials and finishes for an uncompromising result. Each of our solid timber bookcases are made in Australia and available in all areas including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Ballarat and internationally.

Mark Alexander Design Artistry is a top luxury interior design studio offering a complete range of professional design services under the direction of Mark Alexander, a highly respected and talented designer, furniture manufacturer and artist with over 30-years of experience delivering luxury interiors and handcrafted furniture for both residential and commercial projects in Australia and overseas.