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The headquarters and design studio for Mark Alexander are located on the iconic Sturt Street. While initial consultations with us ideally happen at your home or workplace, allowing us to form a deeper understanding of your lifestyle, workplace culture,  and personal tastes, by appointment only consultations can also be arranged to take place in our Ballarat office.

The gold-rush era bank building is a heritage building featuring magnificent use of Victorian and Italianate architecture, making it the ideal venue for Mark Alexander Interior Design to also showcase various European styles of furniture and design in curated rooms across three levels.

After your initial consultation with us, we can arrange private viewings of homes and buildings we have worked on previously, allowing you to see examples of our high-quality furniture and interiors in an unstaged setting. Our furniture is all custom-made and tailored to suit the uniqueness of each client and each setting, and this exposes you to a limitless set of colour, fabric, and material options, and finishes for each bespoke piece. Though you will never feel overwhelmed when presented with choices as they are always supported by our expert knowledge and guidance.

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    Australia wide and international design consultations. Showroom viewings by appointment only.

    Level 1, 200 Sturt St,
    Ballarat Central VIC 3350

    Interior Design Process and Services Available

    Introductory Consultation

    Initial, introductory consultations ideally happen in your home or workplace, and would still need to be arranged if your initial consultation happened in our offices. This is critical to the rest of our interior design process as it exposes us to your current style, preferences, or workplace culture, leading to an in-depth discussion about your expectations and ideas for the project at hand. It also allows us to personally survey the space we are going to work in, in context to the spaces around it, and allowing us to estimate timing and budgets for the project that we can discuss with you. You will later be provided with a more detailed proposal and costing breakdown to review and approve.

    Planning and Artistry

    Once you have reviewed and approved the budget and proposal, Mark Alexander’s artistic brilliance will be highlighted as he presents hand-drawn concept sketches, accompanied by examples of finishes and fabrics for each piece being designed. We encourage a collaborative process, and this is where your personal involvement would be key in ensuring that every concept and design is not only satisfying to you but matches your expectations and truly reflects your style and personality. Project plans and schedules in even greater detail follow this step, as we prepare for the production phase of the project. The first two stages of our interior design process could include many of the following:

    • Consultation with clients on the architectural plans for off-plan properties and the renovation of existing property.
    • The design of new pieces, along with the design and furnishing of spaces, including creative but functionally modern kitchens and bathrooms.
    • Hand-drawn sketches and designs that are later translated into professional floorplans and layouts, 2D elevation drawings, and 3D renderings.
    • Expert advice throughout the process as we collaboratively perfect every aspect of the design, finishes, and interior selections.

    Production Phase

    Mark Alexander’s hand-sketched concepts and 3D renderings are the foundation for what happens during the production or manufacturing phase. The most skilled local and international craftsmen and artisans begin handcrafting the actual pieces that your new interior is centred on. Masters of their respective trades, Mark Alexander still personally manages the entire process to ensure our high standards and specifications are maintained on each piece, with regular updates and photographs sent through to you, ensuring you are not only kept up to date on the progress, but can continue to collaborate. Possible steps through the production phase include:

    • The selection and use of high-quality solid timbers such oak, mahogany, walnut to create each bespoke piece, and with any number of finishes applied at the end, from gilding and French polishing, through to other colour and polish finishes.
    • The use of exotic veneers where necessary, including burl walnut, flame mahogany, and Macassar ebony, to add an even more striking finish.
    • Fabrics chosen from classic and luxury ranges presented by top Australian and international fabric houses.
    • The use of chrome, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, gold, and other metals for standout details.

    Delivery and Fit Out

    As each custom-made piece is finished, a final inspection is carried out before we begin coordinating the delivery of all custom-made pieces, followed by the final fit out, placement, and styling of all elements in the final design. Our obsession with high-quality workmanship throughout each process or phase ensures that you and your family are able to enjoy your one-of-a-kind design and bespoke pieces for many years. The delivery and fit out phase sees the finalisation of the project, including:

    • The completion of manufacturing on other custom-designed pieces such as accents and decorative elements that may include artwork, mirrors, tiled, marbled, or timber flooring, or the use of rugs and carpeting.
    • Wall treatments from expertly painted finishes, through to wall panelling, padded walls, or the hanging of wallpaper.
    • Window treatments that could be limited to luxury drapes and curtaining or include pelmets and tiebacks.
    • Consultation and advice followed by the sourcing of other accessories and lighting.

    All our projects – from luxury interiors through to bespoke furniture pieces – draw inspiration from the latest trends combined with classic techniques, made possible by our more than 30 years of experience in creating sophisticated spaces that are a sensory delight but always reflect the style and personality of the client. Our skill and expertise enable us to work on projects of any scale and complexity with ease, and without ever compromising on quality or tempering the client’s vision.