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While introductory consultations with Mark Alexander Interior Design usually happen in the space you want redesigned – be it your home or workplace – our Adelaide office space in Westpac House, and accessible via King William Street, is ideally suited for by appointment only consultations with interstate or international visitors to the city.

The initial or introductory consultation in your home or workplace is a crucial part of the design process as it allows us to better understand you, your lifestyle and household, or even your workplace culture, and helps establish a collaborative relationship between us and you, encouraging personal involvement by you throughout the design process. Our speciality is custom-made, bespoke furniture, which means we don’t maintain a showroom to showcase our designs, but we can arrange private viewings of past work after the initial consultation, allowing you to see the calibre of our workmanship, and how the pieces we create are used within a lived-in environment.

We don’t only oversee every step of the production or manufacturing process, we also provide expert knowledge and professional advice throughout, including consultation on narrowing down the limitless selection of fabrics, colours, materials, and finishes that can be applied in your design.

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    Australia wide and international design consultations. Showroom viewings by appointment only.

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    Interior Design Process and Services Available

    Introductory Consultation

    The introductory in-home or office consultation, which is either your initial consultation with Mark Alexander Interior Design, or your second following an initial consultation in our office, is an opportunity for us to get to know you, the client, along with understanding your style, preferences, and lifestyle. Our discussions with you allow us to discover what your ideas for the space are: your vision and your expected outcome. We follow this with a personal survey of the space in order to begin formulating estimated budgets and timeframes for the project. These are later translated into detailed proposals that break down each component of the process, which are then presented to you with a more accurate cost estimate for your review and approval. Planning and Artistry Mark Alexander’s creative and artistic brilliance is only demonstrated following your acceptance of our design proposal, first with hand-drawn sketches for the planned pieces and design, along with examples of finishes and fabrics to be used. This leads to detailed schedules and project plans being drawn up, with you being encouraged to participate through feedback and suggestions for every proposal, concept, and plan. We never settle for anything less than absolute perfection, but your satisfaction depends on your involvement throughout. During the consultation, planning, and artistry stages of our design process, you can expect some or all of the following:  The full planning, design, and furnishing of new builds, including highly creative kitchen and bathroom designs.

    • Joint consultation on architectural plans for new builds or renovations.
    • Professional advice on all matters relating to interior selections, finishes, and more.
    • Project plans and schedules that are detailed and comprehensive.
    • Plans that start out as hand-drawn sketches, before being transformed into detailed floorplan designs and layouts, 2D elevation drawings, and 3D renderings of the interior, all to scale.

    Production Phase

    The production phase is when the hand-drawn concept sketches shift from idea to reality, with skilled local and international craftsmen handcrafting and hand-carving one-of-a-kind pieces. And although all artisans working on our designs are personally selected by Mark Alexander, and are true masters of their trade, Mark still manages every stage of the manufacturing or production process. Quality control checks are carried out, specifications monitored, and you are also provided with regular updates – including photographs – allowing you to continue collaborating through this process. All interior design projects include some of the following steps through the production phase:

    • Careful selection of high-quality timbers and exotic veneers for use in manufacturing our bespoke furniture pieces. These could include, but aren’t limited to, walnut, European beech, mahogany, and Macassar ebony.
    • The application of finishes to our handcrafted furniture, which could be anything from gilding or French polishing to other polishing styles or colour finishes, and fabrics selected from renowned Australian and international fabric houses.
    • The addition of metal and other details, from contemporary steel and chrome, through to more traditional metals such as gold, brass, bronze, and even copper.

    Delivery and Fit Out

    Following the final inspection and adjustments of your custom-made furniture, we begin coordinating the delivery, placement, fit out, and styling of your bespoke pieces, along with all other elements of the design. Our high-quality work, along with your involvement throughout, ensure that you and your family will be able to enjoy the design and custom pieces through many generations. Steps and processes in the final phase of your design project could include:

    • Consultation and advice on the selection and sourcing of accessories and accent pieces, including feature wall art.
    • The design and manufacturing of other bespoke pieces, not limited to artwork, mirrors, and flooring only, but extending into ceiling light, lamps, wall sconces, and other lighting elements.
    • The making and installation of window treatments, from luxury curtains and drapery, through to decorative pelmets, tiebacks, and more
    • The addition of wall treatments such as professional paint finishes, the hanging of wallpaper, or the use of padded walls or wall panelling, with high-quality materials and methods utilised throughout.

    With Mark Alexander Interior Design you can depend on the expertise and more than 30 years of experience of Mark Alexander and his team, with numerous large, luxury interior projects worked on throughout the world, along with more modest projects, including once-off furniture design. Sophisticated spaces that are a true and accurate representation of the client, and deliver a multi-sensory experience, are what matters most for us. And we never compromise on our expectation of quality, regardless of the scale of the project.